First Census of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
1960 Census


October 1959

Census Day

December 25, 1960

Results Released

March 1962




Provisional Statistics Council

Preceded by

1945 Census
(For Gravenhurst Region only))

Succeeded by

1970 Census

The 1960 Census was the first census ever to be held in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. As required by Article 17 in the National Transition Council Act, the census is administered by the Provisional Statistics Council of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas (PVC). It provided a detailed enumeration of the population of residents in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

Census day was December 25, 1960. Results were released in stages, and all results have been released by March 1962. The next census is the 1970 Census.


Administrative Division Population Growth Percentage of Total
Long 816,439
Gravenhurst 625,047 Increase 8.44%
Watersauga 254,095
McCallister 159,164
Nicholas City 128,812
Alphabet 118,684
Torbury 81,030
Concord 80,620
Cosmoplay 75,970
Periodic 73,496
Nazareth 21,869
Texas 18,063
Brock 15,940
Port Run 10,591
Pickering 5,681
Overlea 980
Sarnia 542
Hokoe 118
Total 2,487,141 100%

Gravenhurst RegionEdit

The population enumerated in the census was 625,047. The count was higher than the original 1959 estimation of 600,000. The last 1945 census (for Gravenhurst Region only) reported the region has a population of 572,294, and when compared to this census, the population has been risen by 8.44%.

In the census, there were 37 municipalities, with the largest being Archemedes, with a population of 282,014. The smallest being Muskoka Lake, a new community developed out of the Gravenhurst Unorganized District, with a population of 1.

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