The 2015 Nicholasland Geographic Nomenclature Amendment Act (Traditional Chinese: 2015年大東夏聯合王國地方名更改辦法議案) is an act that was passed in the Nicholasland Parliament on 14 September 2015. The Act involves in a change of names for many geographic places across the kingdom due to geographic accuracy, cultural and heritage reasons. It is the largest scale of geographic name changes in record.

The act states,

  • "that this act will state the method of changing various geographic names across the kingdom",
  • "that the following geographic places will change their official names effective on 1 January 2016",
  • "that the former names of the geographic places will remain legally effective, though the new name will now become official"

Places with a Nomenclature ChangeEdit

  • Imaginary Lands of Nicholas will be changed to Nicholasland
  • The City of Vandehogan will be changed to City of De Hogan
  • Prefixes (such as "regional municipality of", "county of", etc.) of autonomous countries are formally dropped, though they remain valid on legal documents.
    • The Regional Municipality of Periodic Table will be changed to Periodicity (Regional Municipality of)
    • The City-State of Watersauga will be changed to the Watersauga (Province of)
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