Airport Expressway
Airport Expressway
Maintained by Archemedes Public Works
Length: 8.1 km (5 mi)
Formed: 2008
East end: Hwy 512 Hwy 512James Barrie
Hwy 2 Hwy 2Parkthorn Heights
West end: Gravenhurst Regional Road 10S (Airport Rd.)
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Guelph South
Airport Expressway




Autoroute de l'Aéroport

Airport Expressway, often abbreviated as AE, is a four-lane freeway that stretches about 8 km from Highway 512 in the west to Archimedes the Great International Airport in the west.

Airport Expressway was constructed to specially serve the newly-built Archimedes International Airport. The expressway is the first expressway that is funded by the City of Archemedes, but yet most of the expressway is located outside of the city's boundary.


Airport Expressway was first discussed in the parliament in 2003, when the City of Archemedes council decided to purchase the I-003 Indian Reserve and nearby farmlands to construct a new airport. The new airport passed the environmental assessment in late 2003, and the possibility of opening up a roadway, linking between Highway 512 and the Airport was imminent. There were suggestions to widen up Gravenhurst Regional Road 472 (Rural Fringe Parkway) into a four-lane divided roadway. However, the possibility of bringing a lot of traffic to the quiet community of James Barrie ceased the plan.

In 2005, urban planners of the City of Archemedes created a new plan, and suggested to build a bypass type of roadway around the community of James Barrie. This plan was eventually refined to a new expressway stretching from Highway 512 directly into the airport (the current alignment of Airport Expressway).

In 2006, a deal was reached between Archemedes and Guelph South to build an expressway, completely funded by the City of Archemedes, within the lands of Guelph South township.

Constructions began May 2007, with the entire length of the expressway opening up in August 2008.

Future ProspectsEdit

Airport Expressway might have the future potential to become the third ring road, if the urban sprawl from the City of Archemedes continues. Airport Expressway, currently, is in a similar situation, as Highway 1, in the 1980s.

Lane ConfigurationEdit

The highway is a four-lane divided expressway for its entire length. The speed limit is set at 90 km/h from Highway 512 to Terminal 1, and at 70 km/h from Terminal 1 to the highway's end.

The annual average daily traffic (AADT) of the entire length of the highway is about 51,102.

Public TransitEdit

Gravenhurst Regional Transit routes 27, 28, and 29C use portions of the highway.

Exit NumberEdit

From west to east:

Exit Number (Eastbound) Exit Number (Westbound) Destination Serving
Airport Expressway Begins
1 6 Hwy 512 Highway 512 Archemedes
2 5 Hwy 2 Highway 2 Parkthorn Heights
3A N/A De-Icing Drive Airport De-Icing Facility
3B 4 Gravenhurst Regional Road 3 (McCallister Av.) Parkthorn Heights
N/A 3 Welcome Centre (Tourist Info Centre)
4 2 Public Transportation Terminal Airport GO Station
Bus Terminal Monorail Station
5A 1B Passenger Terminal 1 (Arrival) Hotels, Parking
5B 1A Passenger Terminal 1 (Departure) Parking
6 N/A Gravenhurst Regional Road 10S (Airport Rd.) Commericial / Industrial Terminal, Passenger Terminal 2, Parking, Airport Adminstration
Airport Expressway Ends
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