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Appleby (Traditional Chinese: 關閘; Portuguese: Portas do Cerco) is a former town in the Free State of Torbury, part of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. In 2009, with the amalgamation into a single city of Royal Plains, Appleby became one of the boroughs of the new city. The population before the amalgamation was reported to be 12,000.

Appleby was a town located on the Free State of Torbury - City of Watersauga boundary, and is home to the Portas do Cerco Border Checkpoint (Portugese: Posto Fronteiriço das Portas do Cerco, Traditional Chinese: 關閘邊境管制站) between the two autonomous countries under a united kingdom. Watersauga's Queen Elizabeth Way enters into the town as Highway 2. As a result, Appleby became an important centre of trade and port of entry (PoE), which allowed commercial activities in Appleby to flourish, leading to large-scale residential developments in the 1990s as more people moved into the area.

The important role of the town as the sole Port of Entry from Watersauga into Torbury led to the Government of Torbury to heavily invest in infrastructure in the area. The Torbury - Royal Fields Rail Link was constructed in the 1970s and terminate in Appleby's town centre, with an option for an inter-rail link into the neighbouring Watersauga. In the 1990s, a high speed maglev rail link was constructed to terminate at Appleby Centre Terminal as well.

In 2009, under the Municipality Reoranization Act of Torbury, Appleby was merged into the City of Royal Plains, becoming a borough of the new city. Prior to the merger, Appleby was the largest suburb of Metro Royal Plains.

After merger with Royal Plains, the border of the borough is still defined the same way as it had when it existed as a town. The borough is bordered by the waters of Lake Appleby, and includes all islands, in particular, Royal Plains Municipal Airport, within the borough's area.


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