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For the lake in the centre of the community, see Bear Lake. For more related queries, see Bear Lake (disambiguation).

Bear Lake is a community in the City of Mapleview in the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst. The community is geographically secluded from the rest of the city as the community is situated in a valley surrounding Bear Lake, from which the community receives its name. The community is also home to the regionally-famous Bear Lake Regional Park. As such, the area is a popular destination for tourists as there is a wide range of overnight accommodations available in the community. According to unofficial estimates, the community is home to approximately 3,100 residents.

The community of Bear Lake is expanding by building a new subdivision just west of the Bear Lake, allowing an additional 2,000 residents to move in. This new subdivision has received mix reviews. Some locales welcome new residents and the new amenities brought along with the constructions. Others worry the new subdivision will create traffic congestions to the community's narrow roads, and some are protesting the potential ecological and environmental damages to the nearby Bear Lake.

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