Bill Seymore (born 9 May, 1942 in Old Watersauga) is the current Governor of the Royal Watersauga Crown Colony of Port Run. Seymore has been the governor since 2006, and he was re-elected in 2011 as the governor, but resigned in 2013 due to personal health issues.

Like all other governors in the past, he had resided in the Embassy for the Governor of the Royal Watersauga Colony in the Governor Administrative Region in Port Run during his term as a governor of Port Run.


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During Seymore's early days, he was from a wealthy family. His father, Charles Seymore, was the C.E.O. of Golden Seymore's Jewellery Ltd. His mother, Helena Goldberg, was the secretary of Charles. They had loved each other for 5 years before their relationship was revealed to the public. After their marriage, They had not a single child. However, Charles and Helena thought that money was more important than family. Bill was born ten years after their marriage. As a young boy, Charles had always wanted his son to continue his business, but Seymore had no interests in jewellery business, instead went to study about lawyer. He trained to be a lawyer and had always set his goal to be one. At the age of 25, he became a law clerk. He then stayed in that position for 4 years. Then, he met his girlfriend, Hilary Chaud. She was a lawyer at a high position. Seymore was suspected to have had used his girlfriend as a "stairway" to be promoted as lawyer. However, his relationship did not last when he got the promotion as a lawyer, he was suspected to have broke up with Hilary after the promotion. At the age of 34, he married Dora Shum ( Dor Shum). Dora's brother, Bill Shum, was a successful lawyer. His position was higher than Seymore's. They have became best friends when Seymore married Dora. They worked as partners and opened a law firm named Seymore and Shum Barristers and Solicitors. The case of Port Run and Watersauga was also handed to them. As Shum was the lawyer who has won the case for Watersauga, he was promoted as governor. Seymore was left as a lawyer. Seymore had the position of governor now is still a mystery unsolved. Some say that Shum was killed by him, others say that Shum was kind enough to give the position to Seymore. Shum was later found dead, without a solved case. Seymore's number of certificates of law and English increased from the year when Shum was promoted as governor to when Seymore was appointed governor. It has still been a mystery how Shum was very close to being governor as many has appointed him to be a governor, but Seymore has the position until 2013.

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