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Bou Diu Leh (Traditional Chinese: 寳調萊; Vietnamese: bộu điu lệh; 2015 population 3,360) is a town in northern Cosmoplay Region, sitting on the southeastern shores of the Ku Sze Yiu Bay at the confluence of the bay and the Cosmoplay River.

The town is a hub of Vietnamese culture and language in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, and is geographically separated from the rest of the Cosmoplay Region by its southern neighbour, Port Run. The local landmark is the Bou Diu Leh Spiritual Centre, which is a palace featuring an ancient Japanese style of architecture. The town also hosts a large office facility of Cosmoplay Customs.

The town is also home to the Bou Diu Island just off the shore in Ku Sze Yiu Bay.


Bou Diu Leh is believed to be transliterated from the Vietnamese words "bộu điu lệh". While grammatically incorrect, the general literary meaning is the "City of Leh where there is comfort from the monks".


The area was a part of the British Port One colony in the 17th century, and the area was named Port Two, to differentiate Port One (now Port Run) further downstream. The area became a part of the Watersauga Protectorate State of Port Run in 1916.

In the 1960s, the Vietnamese War erupted in Vietnam. A sizable convoy of Vietnamese refugee emigrated to the Kingdom. Under the National Transitional Council's arrangements, the northern parts of Victoria Town of the Port Run Protectorate State is to be designated as a refugee reserve. The Viets then built their own homes and created a community in the area with limited government support.

On 1 January 1993, the land portion of the area north of Victoria Town, Port Run was returned to Cosmoplay Region, though the City of Watersauga still poses a claim of the water territory of this area. The land portion of the area has became the Town of Bou Diu Leh. The former Viet reserve was abolished, but in recognition of its large Vietnamese population in the area, the town was renamed to its Vietnamese name.


The town can be reached via automobiles from Port Run. There are two border crossings into the Watersauga-administered Port Run.

Cities and Towns of Cosmoplay Region
Capital City: Cosmo City

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Overseas Collectivity: HokoeGreater Archiloft

* Italics implies disputed territory; bolded implies major cities

Disputed Territories in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
Port Run - Administered by the City of Watersauga, claimed by the Region of Cosmoplay

Bou Diu Leh / Ku Sze Yiu Bay - Administered by the Region of Cosmoplay, claimed by the City of Watersauga

Hokoe - Administered by the Region of Cosmoplay, claimed by the City of Watersauga

Qeshqer - Administered by the Torbury Free State, claimed by the Otto East Turkestan Empire

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