Bou Diu Leh Spiritual Centre (Traditional Chinese: 寶調萊文化中心) is a monument in the Town of Bou Diu Leh in northern Cosmoplay Region. The Spiritual Centre is a structure replicating the Imperial Palace of Japan, and its front gate is facing the former Bou Diu Leh Border Crossing to Port Run. The Spiritual Centre represents a welcoming arm to the separated Port Run (now Watersauga-administered). There is a heart hung above the front gate, symbolising the love of Cosmoplay people towards the Port Run people.

The monument is formerly constructed atop the only road entrance from Port Run to Bou Diu Leh in 1993. In 1997, with the construction of the new Bou Diu Leh East Border Crossing, the border crossing configurations were altered, and the border crossing traffic would no longer pass by the monument.

It is impossible to see the Spiritual Centre from within Port Run's boundaries, as the Port Run Authorities have seen the Spritual Centre as a form of propaganda, and obstructs its view by transplanting trees in Port Run.

The Spiritual Centre is now used as the headquarters of the Cosmoplay Overseas Collectivity Unification Department, as well as a community centre for Bou Diu Leh South residents.

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