Brant River (Traditional Chinese: 白蘭地河; also known as Brandy River from the Chinese name) is a river with its source near the Sainte Marie Fountain in Concord County. Its headwater, following the north-south track, heads south, meeting Lake Sydenham in Sydenham, where it turns to an east-west direction, ultimately joining Fairgrounds Nullah and the Shiliana Creek. The widened river then churns through the southern part of the township, ultimately passing through the southern portion of the City of Warshaw. The river then turns into Guelph, where it joins with the Archemedes River in the Guelph Greenbelt Regional Park. Archemedes River will subsequently carry the water from Brant River to Lake Haldimond.


The joint between the Brant, Fairgrounds, and Shiliana Creek are considered ecologically sensitive by some. However, the area is currently not protected, and zone as a regional park to freeze developments. Currently, the locale is scheduled to be constructed as a major transportation junction, with a major intersection, and a train station, comprising of both residential and industrial developments.

A petition started by Claire Burg has been started in the Township of Sydenham, requesting the government to stop all the construction in the locale, and zone an area of at least 20 squared kilometers around the tributaries as a regional park. This would mean the South Nullah Estate project would have to be cancelled.

The developers of the locale promised to leave woodlands naturally untouched in the region to protect the sensitive ecosystem.

Claire Burg is planning to take the petitions to court in the near future.

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