Byte Roundabout (formerly the 2-5-6 Roundabout or the Main Street Roundabout, also sometimes as Alexander - Bernice Roundabout) is the busiest traffic interchange and roundabout in Downtown Archemedes of Gravenhurst Region. The roundabout is located entirely on a flyover and is above Spring Lake in Downtown Archemedes. Historically a traffic-signalled intersection, a roundabout was constructed to relieve traffic flow. The roundabout serves as an important junction to direct traffic into Downtown, and the four quadrant suburbs of the city.


The roundabout received its name "byte" from the computer term. The roundabout is a junction for Highways 2, 5, and 6, and together the roundabout is signed as all three highways, reading 2-5-6. In computing, 256 represents a byte. In the 2009 municipal meeting about re-branding the Regional Capital (Archemedes), it was decided by the council to rename the formerly 2-5-6 roundabout to the "Byte Roundabout", in order to signify Archemedes as the capital of high-tech industry and commercial activity.

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