Caledonia Census Agglomeration
Cal., CA
- Agglomeration -
Regional Municipality Gravenhurst
Chair of Agglomeration Samuel Curtis
Capitol Caithness - Caledonia (pop. 18,859)
Biggest City Fontinahas (pop. 2,730)
Area 6,530.03 km²
(as of Spring 2010)
23,091 (rank 8th)
Density 3.54 /km²

Caledonia Census Agglomeration (Spring 2010 population 23,091) is a census agglomeration in western Gravenhurst Region. The census agglomeration (CA) covers four municipalities, often referred as the Greater Caledonia Area. These four municipalities are Arithmetic, Caithness - Caledonia, Dever - Dovercourt, and Eugene - Euridice. The population of this area is estimated to be about 23,000 in March 2010 (the recent census suggests 23,091 residents reside in the CA), up from 12,000 in October 2009.

It is noted that overwhelmingly, about 93% of the CA's population originates from Caithness - Caledonia, the heart of the CA.

Formerly part of the former Alphabet County, the region merged into Gravenhurst Region in 1849. The region, nowadays, is still referred as part of the Alphabet Belt.

The Caledonia Census Agglomeration is centred around the Escarpment River Valley, and is home to much of the dirty industry and agricultural industry of the region. As more dirty industry companies begin to set foot in the region during these few years, more workers and residents moved in. The number of jobs for the census agglomeration is currently estimated at 5,400. The number is expected to triple in two years, reaching 16,200 by 2011. As a result, the population of the region is also expected to increase to 40,000 by 2011.


The area is served by GO Transit and Gravenhurst Regional Transit, which provides a train line, and up to 8 bus routes in the region.

The major highway in the area is the Alphabet County Thruway. In 2008, the government of Gravenhurst announced to build an expressway, linking Caledonia to Sussex. The construction of this highway, Highway 509, is well underway, and is expected to be completed by mid-2010.

The region also features at-grade highway, like Hiryiam Highway.


As of the 2009 defined boundaries of the CMA, there are a total of five member municipalities.

Populations of the Five Member Municipalities

Municipality Spring 2010 Population Area Density
Caithness - Caledonia (Capitol) 18,859 2,205.48 8.55
Fontinahas (DSC) 2,730 113.6 24.03
Eugene - Euridice 849 60.18 14.11
Arithmetic 363 2,018.27 0.18
Dever - Dovercourt 214 2,132.5 0.10
Municipalities in Gravenhurst Region
Capital city: Archemedes
Metropolitan Areas (CMA)
(Core city with population 10,000 +)
Agglomerations (CA)
(Core city with population 1,000 +)

Archemedes CMA

ArchemedesBordenCournersDevonshireDixie - Dundas - Lloydminster1Donsley1Guelph SouthMuskoka LakeOld Minister

Caledonia CA

ArithmeticCaithness - CaledoniaDever - DovercourtEugene - EuridiceFontinahas

Brock CMA

AshtonberryBrockFiestaHanlon Village

Fort Erie CA

Algonquin WoodsClifton IslandFort ErieHydrogen FallsMillennium Point

Lethbridge CMA

GuelphLethbridgeMedicine HatPuffleton1Sydenham1Warshaw

Garneau CA


Lisi CMA

Airborn - OppelLisiManchotWellingtonWilliamson2

Lydia CA


Mapleview CMA

Lacroix - LansingMapleviewNazarethNobleton - Nouveauville

Manhatten CA

Iranquay - Manhatten - KanataLloydminster2Mississauga2

Sussex CMA


Bolded municipality is the core municipality (capitol) of the CMA / CA.

1 - There are certain parts of this municipality that do not belong to this CMA / CA.

2 - Italics indicate that this is a community, not a municipality, and belongs to another CMA / CA.

Topsity CMA

Topsity - ZephyrYoli - Yaritown

Vandehogan CMA

HearstSandy PointWater Lea2Vandehogan

Gravenhurst, Unorganized
(Areas that have yet to be incorporated)