Caledonia Multiplex (French: Le Multiplex de Calédonie) is an industrial park in the Town of Caithness - Caledonia in the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst.

The industrial park, located just south of Highway 10, near its interchange with Highway 505, is a major job source to the region. Residents from the town commute into the area everyday, resulting in a public transit hub - the Caledonia Multiplex Terminal - basing in here.

Recently, the Gravenhurst Regional Transit has implemented a route to serve High Street, the backbone thoroughfare of the area, and may get quite congested during rush hours.

There are plans to expand the multiplex in the future to encompass more area for more job opportunities.

Communities in the Town of Caithness - Caledonia
CaithnessCaledonia (Downtown · Ingrid Falls · Napa Valley · Weatherill) • Caledonia MultiplexCeline BridgeDeverHiryiamNorth Caledonia

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