A census is a detailed enumeration of the nation's population and its characteristics.

Beginning from 1960 Census, the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas government carries out census every 10 years, until 2010 Census. Beginning from 2011, censuses are to be conducted every 5 years. The current census is the 2015 Census, and the next will be the 2020 Census. Each census is to be administered by Statistics Imaginary (SI).

In the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, nationwide census is held every 5 years. Each autonomous country can have additional censuses upon their discretion. Some autonomous countries also allow local subdivisions to carry an even more detailed census every year.

Census results are stored in the Kingdom Archive.


Quasi-census or a simple enumeration of population has been carried out since at least 1100 AD in the kingdom. The enumeration was carried out by the Family Register Office (Traditional Chinese: 戶籍司) at irregular intervals. The intervals were regulated somewhat in the Second Kingdom of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

To better re-establish the post-war kingdom, the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas National Transitional Council introduced the concept of census to the kingdom in 1960. The first census, 1960 Census, was subsequently carried out as required by the "National Transitional Council Act" Article 17. The Article also mandated for censuses to be carried out every 10 years.

Initially, censuses were carried out by the Provisional Statistics Council of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas (PSC). As the kingdom gains its independence in 1993, the duty has since been transferred to Statistics Imaginary.

In 2011, the National Legislature discussed the possibility of improving census data quality and census frequencies (Bill S-43). It was also proposed that censuses are to be held every 5 years instead of 10. The bill was passed in 2012, and the 2015 Census would be the first census to be held 5 years after its predecessor.


The population enumeration is to count the number of identification documents issued throughout the kingdom. This has been criticized to be especially prone to fake identifications and illegal immigrants. Selected households are required, by law, to fill out a detailed censor form (DCF). The DCF contains questions of detailed personal information and other demographic information, such as languages, age, occupation, etc..

Historical CensusEdit

Census events in Gravenhurst Region
Winter 2008 · Spring 2009 · Summer 2009 · Fall 2009 (Cancelled) · Winter 2009 · Spring 2010 · Summer 2010 · Fall 2010

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