Disambig For the bridge that traverses Lake Appleby, see Choi Yee Bridge.

Choi Yee Bridge speedStation
Estação da ponte de Choy Yee

Station Type

Double Platform


Heppwick, Royal Plains, Torbury

Operating Hours

0616 - 0038

Operating Lines

speedBUS Central Line

Next Northbound Station

Senator speedStation

Next Southbound Station

McDonnell speedStation

HTC Connections

2H Mainline Royal Plains
29 Choi Yee Bridge - Appleby Local

Multi-Ride Machines



September 1, 2008

Choi Yee Bridge speedStation (Traditional Chinese: 蔡意橋捷運站; Portugese: Estação da ponte de Choy Yee) is a rapid transit station of the speedBus network on the speedBus Central Line in the City of Royal Plains of the Free State of Torbury. The station is located on the northern end of Choi Yee Bridge, shortly before the Flyover Rapidway (where the rapid transit line runs) merges with the Choi Yee Bridge below and crosses Lake Appleby as a dual-level bridge.


The station opened on September 1, 2008, almost one and a half year after Central Line's opening due to popular customers demand. Initially, customers in the locale was expected to use the local route 2H. However, the local residents demanded express service to the area as the next stop, Senator, located at Heppwick Town Centre, is quite far from Choi Yee Bridge.

HTC responded to customers' demands quickly, by beginning planning the new station in February 2008. Constructions began in May 2008, and was ahead way before schedule in early July 2008. The station subsequently opened on September 1.

Transit connectionsEdit

Exit layoutsEdit

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