City Line Road

City Line Road (French: Chemin de la Limite des villes) is a major thoroughfare straddling the boundaries between the Cities of Archemedes and Borden. The road serves as a boundary between the two cities, but solely funded by the City of Archemedes. Due to the language difference in the two cities, the road signage along the road is bilingual, resulting in road signs twice as large as all other roads.

The City Line Road played a significant historical role. It was considered as the dividing line between the majority of English population and the majority of French population. When Borden was a separate county from Archemedes, toll booths and border crossing booths are located along the road.

The road is part of the heritage road system, with panels about Archemedes - Borden history along the road. The Borden Sovereignty Museum is located on this road at its intersection with Highway 11.

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