City View Drive
City View Drive
Maintained by Town of Donsley Roads Department
Length: 3.5 km (2 mi)
as of 2009
Formed: 2007
North end: Church Street
South end: Leith Ridge Road (as of August 2009)
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Donsley

City View Drive is a collector road in the town of Donsley. The road is considered to play an immense road on the Town of Donsley's development. According to the "Donsley: A Metropolis" development plan released in 2009, in the future, City View Drive will extend all the way down towards the Donsley Thruway. Along this road would be the densest residential buildings. As a result, the entire route is built as a five-laned road.


City View Drive originally began as Placentia Trail, a name named after the nearby hiking trail, stretching from just outside of Archemedes towards Wellington Town Centre. The road was originally built in the 1990s as a local road, however, with extra wide grass space and sidewalks beside it, foreshadowing its crucial role in Donsley's future development. In 2002, the Town of Donsley drafted a rough draft plan of the new community Saint Andrew, housing over 80,000 residents, which is over quadruple of the town's population back in 2002. Along with the plan, the government planned to widen the road, and spanning the road south across Highway 506, and adding an expressway exit interchange as well.

The road up to The Causeway was completed in 2006, followed by a re-name in 2007 from Placeteria Trail to City View Drive.

In late 2008, the extension work of City View Drive south to Bur Oak Avenue began. The portion has been completed in April 2009. Originally, as planned, the road would open in May 2009. However, there were extra housings ready for occupation south of Bur Oak Avenue, resulting in the opening of the road to be delayed to August 2009. Occupation of the housings began in May 2009. During then and now, residents have to use Riverside Parkway to access all around town.

On August 28, 2009, City View Drive is opened.

Public TransitEdit

Gravenhurst Regional Transit route 39 'City View' serves the road between Church Street and Bur Oak Avenue.

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