Colonial Highway 2
Colonial Highway 2
Madawaska Highway
Maintained by Port Run Transportation Department
Roads Watersauga
Length: 22.6 km (14 mi)
North end: Bou Diu Leh West Border Crossing
Science Park Road
Colonial Highway 1 (Terry Fox Hwy.)
Rue Principale - Jonquière
Hung Shui Wai Road
South end: Madawaska Border Crossing
Autonomous Country: Watersauga (Port Run)
Major cities: Science Park
Hung Shui Wai
System: Port Run Colonial Highways Network

Colonial Highway 2 (CH2), also known as Madawaska Highway (Traditional Chinese: 馬達娃斯加公路), is an at-grade highway in Port Run, and a critical part of the Port Run Colonial Highway Network. The predominantly rural highway provides a crucial north-south link to the principalities in eastern Port Run, as well as offering border crossings both at the north and the south end of the highway.

The highway connects to Cosmoplay Regional Highway 1, a busy highway connecting to the region's capital, both at the north end and the south end. Since Cosmoplay poses an irredentist claim to Port Run, Colonial Highway 2 is signed and viewed as a part of Cosmoplay Regional Highway 1 by Cosmoplayers.


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Route DescriptionEdit

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The highway for its entire length is rural in nature, and does not pass through any urban areas (tends to bypass them), except through the heart of Ashcottville. There, it intersects with Colonial Highway 1.

Port Run Colonial Highways Network
At-Grade Highways

1 (Terry Fox)2 (Madawaska)3 (Aviation)4 (Quinte)5 (Port Run Thruway)6 (South State East-West)7 (Southeast Trunk)8 (Kong Tin Central Highway)


101 (Capitol Express)104 (Queens - South State)106 (South State Thruway)

Italics indicate a proposed future highway.

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