Community bus routes are designed for seniors and people with disabilities who can use fully accessible conventional transit rather than gMobile Pro. They provide better connections to facilities such as seniors' residences, medical facilities, community centres and shopping areas. They differ from local routes, as local routes often connect to primary routes, and works as a leg for local commuters to reach major routes. Local routes also appeal to all groups of riders.

Currently, only Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT) operate such buses in Gravenhurst Region.

Gravenhurst Regional TransitEdit

All community buses operate between 6 AM to 9 PM, at a frequency from 30 - 60 minutes. They are usually represented by the colour light blue on the GRT system map.

Currently, community buses operate in four municipalities in the region, and is planned to expand to other municipalities in the near future. As the routes do not have a numbering scheme, it is planned that all the community buses be named with a prefix of 5xx in the near future. In particular, the Vandehogan Community bus is now renumbered to Route 500. In order to avoid confusion, the community bus displays both assigned numbers, 97 and 500.

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Community bus routes of Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT)
37 Courners79 Lethbridge97 / 500 Vandehogan120 Outer Lydia140 Valleydale