The Cosmobank Composite Index (abbreviated into CCI, Traditional Chinese: 萬基指數) is a freefloat-adjusted market capitalization-weighted stock market index in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. It is used to record and monitor daily changes of the largest companies of the stock markets across the financial centres of the kingdom (i.e. each autonomous country's financial capital) and is the main indicator of the overall market performance in the kingdom. The 200 constituent companies represent about 75% of capitalisation of the stock exchange.

The trading hours is between 09:30 to 16:30, and is based in the National Stock Market Exchange building in Nicholas City.

The index was started on April 2, 1993, and is currently compiled and maintained by Cosmobank Composite Index Limited Company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Cosmoplay Region-based bank, Cosmobank, one of the largest banks registered and listed in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas in terms of market capitalisation, and features a diversified market across all of the autonomous countries of the kingdom. While Cosmobank Composite Index Limited Company is a public company, held by shareholders across all the autonomous countries in the kingdom, the majority is held by Cosmobank, a private company, and the Cosmoplay Region government.

Cosmobank Composite Index Limited Company is responsible for compiling, publishing and managing the Cosmobank Composite Index and a range of other stock indexes, such as Cosmoplay - ILN Enterprises Index, Cosmoplay - ILN AH Index Series, Cosmoplay - ILN H-Financials Index, Cosmobank Composite Index Series, Cosmoplay - ILN A Industry Top Index, Cosmobank Corporate Sustainability Index Series and Cosmobank Total Return Index Series.

Trading officesEdit

Since this index is valid for a kingdom over a vast area, and that it spans over different autonomous countries, different trade offices for the exchange can be found across the kingdom. They are located in the following cities:

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