Central Zone Television Broadcasts Limited


State-Owned Television Network


Television broadcasting


11 November 1953


11 Communications Dr., Nicholas City

Number of Employees

6 049 (2011)


₦ 562 million

Central Zone Television Broadcasts Limited (Traditional Chinese: 中央巔峰電視台, shortened as 巔視), abbreviated as CZTV or CZTVB, is the biggest over-the-air commercial television operating in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. The television station is wholly state-owned by the Kingdom of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. With a staff force of just over 6,000, CZTV is one of the television channels receiving the highest viewerships.


As the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas National Transitional Council established in the kingdom in 1945, the national transitional council has identified the need to unite the broadcast media outlets. In the 1950s, television has emerged to be the most popular media outlet. In 1951, the National Transitional Council has approved of creating a state-owned media outlet to broadcast kingdom news and related information.

In 1977, there were discussions of regulating state-owned media and allowing more competitors into the industry. CZTV had strongly opposed this proposal, resulting the regulation agency's creation to be pushed back.

In 1990, under the Broadcasting Authority Ordinance, 1990, the Broadcasting Authority of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas was created. CZTV became a subdivision of the authority until June 1992.

In June 1992, to allow more competitions into the industry as per government policy, and to ensure neutrality, CZTV regained its status as a state-owned independent organization.


The company operates its main channel named the CZTV Jade (Traditional Chinese: 癲視電視翡翠台, which broadcasts twenty-four hours in Cantonese). The company also operates four subsidiary channels, including the CZTV Pearl (Traditional Chinese: 癲視電視明珠台, which is broadcasted in English), the CZTV Diamond (Traditional Chinese: 癲視電視鑽石台, which is broadcasted in Mandarin), the CZTV Gold (Traditional Chinese: 癲視電視黃金台, French: La Chaîne d'Or, which is broadcasted in French), and the CZTV Omni (Traditional Chinese: 癲視電視多元文化台, which broadcasts in other recognized regional languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Portugese, Macanese, Hakka, and German at different times of the day), all of which also available in High Definition 1080p. These channels are available all through the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

CZTV is especially known for its drama series, popular throughout the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas as well as throughout the world.


Netizens often nickname the channel as Crazy TV (癲視), taking the Cantonese homophone of the channel's name. This is nicknamed due to the low-quality of some programmes produced by CZTV, and also the nature that this media outlet is state-owned, causing concerns of media censorship.

Television stations of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
CZTV (Jade · Pearl · Diamond · Gold · Omni) • HKTVN-ILNTVBILNRTI
Regulated by the Broadcasting Authority

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