Demeter - Celine Bridge, sometimes as Celine Bridge (French: Pont Céline-de-Déméter), is a community that straddles the Town of Caithness - Caledonia and the Township of Dever - Dovercourt in the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

The community is founded in the 1990s as a result of urban sprawling from Caithness - Caledonia. The community, situated off the intersection of Dever Line and Highway 10, is home to about 1,000 people, with over 800 living on the Caithness - Caledonia side.

Recently, the housing project just north of the community is bringing an increase in population and commercial activity to the locale. Upon completion of the new housing project, the community will form a continuous urban area with Dever.

The community does not have any public transit service currently, and as cited by Gravenhurst Regional Transit, it is one of the largest community without public transit access. GO Shuttle route 72 'Caledonia' is the closest form of public transit. The Caledonia Multiplex GO Station is also within walking distance.


Demeter and Celine Bridge are theoretically two communities with two distinct names, with Demeter on the Dever - Dovercourt side, and Celine Bridge on the Caithness - Caledonia side. However, with their close proximity, they gradually form a continuous urban area, and it is now a convention to group them under a single name "Demeter - Celine Bridge". Some people abbreviate it into simply "Celine Bridge" since Celine Bridge is a bigger population centre.

The name "Demeter" originates from the owner of the farm situated north of Highway 10 and west of Dever Line. The farm is named after the Greek goddess of harvest. The farm is also seldomly referred to as the "Harvest Farm".

The name "Celine Bridge" originates from a local road, "Celine Street", and it features a bridge crossing a local creek. The bridge is called "Celine Bridge", and from there it evolved into the name for the surrounding community. The origin of the name for "Celine Street", however, remains unknown.

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