The Development Bureau of Port Run (Traditional Chinese: 第一港發展局, abbreviated as DEVB) is a government department of the Watersauga crown colony of Port Run. The bureau is responsible for developing infrastructure to enhance development of the economy, employment and growth. The bureau is tasked with managing population growth and creating industries which will lead to increased employment and better quality of life.

The bureau is supervised by the Port Run Secretary for Development.

The bureau, along with the Urban council of Port Run, was responsible for creating the Port Run Satellite Cities Project in 2008, an ambitious plan to house more than 30,000 residents in Port Run before 2014.


The following agencies form part of the bureau:

Planning and Lands BranchEdit

  • Lands and Planning Division
  • Urban Renewal and Buildings Division

Works BranchEdit

  • Heritage, Programme and Resource Division
  • Works Policies and Infrastructure Project Divisions
  • Legal Advisory Division

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