Dever GO Station

Station Type



Dever - Dovercourt



Operating Hours

0432 - 0037

Operating Lines

Golden Corridor

Next Station

Golden Corridor Line
Dovercourt GO Station (Westbound)
Caledonia Multiplex Terminal (Eastbound)

GRT Connections

No Connections Available

gCard Compatibility



January 15, 1996

Dever GO Station is a train station operated by GO Transit located in the community of Dever in the town of Dever - Dovercourt, Gravenhurst. The station is the fifth westernmost station on the Golden Corridor Line, and is located about 218 km west of the line's terminus.

The station has been listed as a minor station by GO Transit ever since 2002, along with Dovercourt GO Station, claiming the station has one of the lowest riderships in the region. The station is one of the rare ones that are not connected to any conventional transit route.


The station was opened as an extension to the Golden Corridor Line, as requested by the residents of Dever - Dovercourt. Originally, their requests were not expected to be fulfilled since the locale is home to less than 200 people. However, their requests were decided to be fulfilled in 1996, as the first phase of the Golden Corridor Line extension to Mapleview.

Merger with Dovercourt GO StationEdit

Due to low ridership, GO Transit has been planning to merge the nearby Dovercourt GO Station with this station. The station is proposed to be merged with the nearby Dovercourt GO Station, about 6 km away. This is an attempt to combine both stations' ridership (to boost ridership). The merged station is expected to be named Dever - Dovercourt, located midway between the existing Dever GO Station and the existing Dovercourt GO Station.

Platform LayoutsEdit

  • Platform 1 - All Trains
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