Downtown Caledonia

Downtown Caledonia's skyline viewed from the north, as Highway 40 enters the town.

Downtown Caledonia (French: Centre-ville Calédonie) is a central business district (CBD) of the Town of Caithness - Caledonia in Gravenhurst Region. Referred to as simply Centreville by local residents, it is considered as a sub-district, or neighbourhood of the Community of Caledonia. The district is generally described as south of the intersection of Highway 40 and Tangent Line, and extends south along Highway 40 with a series of strip malls and commercial high-rises. It is also a hub for visitors in town, as it is also the transportation hub to various points of interests within town, such as Ingrid Falls, which is located immediately east of the area.

The tallest buildings of the town and most of the commercial activities is located here. While currently the tallest of the district is 1714 rue Principale, a 10-storey residential complex, standing at 24 meters above ground. A taller government services complex is proposed to be built on Main Street in 2013, with completion in 2015. The second tallest building, the YK Centre, also dominate the skyline of the sub-district.

Along Main Street, there are several pubs, theatres, hotels and commercial buildings that form the district. Behind these buildings are mostly medium to high density residential buildings. Immediately to the northern end of the sub-district is the Caledonia Town Hall (French: Les bureaux municipaux de Caithness-et-Calédonie, "Caithness - Caledonia Municipal Office"), as well as Caledonia Crossroads Shopping Centre (French: Le carrefour Calédonie; formerly "Caledonia Mall"), the largest shopping destination in the Caledonia Census Agglomeration. To the northwest is the Weatherill subdivision, which is an ongoing housing development.

The French Cultural Hub Caledonia office, and also the Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GPRC) headquarters are located here.


Highway 40 is the main thoroughfare in the district. Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT) provides various bus route services in the area.

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