Official status

(Not recognised in kingdom)

(2010 est.)

  • Native: 7 800 (0.1%)
  • L1 + L2: 9 100 (0.1%)

Rank in ILN


Language family

West Germanic

Writing system

Latin alphabets (Dutch)

Regulated by


Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken primarily in the Kingdom of Netherlands and in the Flanders Community of Belgium. In the European Discovery of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, the Kingdom of Netherlands briefly held possession of the s'Gravenhage in the present-day northwestern parts of Gravenhurst Region. While Dutch was reserved in the elite class, the Dutch language remained influential even after the colony was surrendered to the Second Kingdom of Nicholasland. The Dutch language continued to be the preferred language for the middle class (French was used for the upper class) until the 20th century.

The Dutch language is primarily used in the former capital of the Dutch colony of s'Gravenhage, or the present-day De Hogan. Dutch speakers can also be found sporadically in other metropolitan areas across Nicholasland. In the recent years, the number of Dutch speakers is declining due to its lack of official status and its narrow uses in the kingdom.

Places with a Significant Dutch populationEdit

External referenceEdit

Languages in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas

Official writing systems: Traditional ChineseEnglish

Official Languages
(mandated in all autonomous countries)

Cantonese standardcreole (63%) • English (22%)

Regional Languages
(mandated in some autonomous countries)

French (8%) • Japanese (3%) • Putonghua (3%) • Arabic (< 1%) • Esperanto (< 1%) • Russian (< 1%) • Uyghur (< 1%)

Unrecognized Languages
(not official, but with significant number of speakers)

Korean (< 1%) • Portuguese (< 1%) • Spanish (< 1%) • Vietnamese (< 1%) • Dutch (< 1%)

Percentages in brackets denote the total number of mother tongues (2010 est.) of the specified language.

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