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Wiki Nicholasland
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(2010 est.)

  • Native: 1 641 600 (22.8%)
  • L1 + L2: 4 831 200 (67.1%)

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Language family

Indo-European (Western Germanic)

Writing system

Latin (English alphabet)

Regulated by

English is a West Germanic language spoken in about 60 sovereign states across the globe, and a global lingua franca. English is the lingua franca and the co-official language of Nicholasland.

English is the second largest language group in the kingdom, after Cantonese. Approximately 20 - 25% of the kingdom's population speak the language natively, most of whom are descendants from the former British colonists of the kingdom, and other European descendants of the kingdom.

As the global lingua franca, and the lingua franca of the kingdom, a large population in the kingdom knows the language. A study by the University of Watersauga suggests that 65 to 75 % of the population know the language to a certain degree. English is also taught in schools across the kingdom, either in a first- or a second-language level.

As the co-official language of the kingdom, all autonomous countries and special regions within the kingdom must set Cantonese as the de facto official language. All public services are required to serve in Cantonese and English (the other co-official language of the kingdom), along with any language by-laws mandated by each autonomous country. For example, public transportation across the kingdom usually make the announcements first in Cantonese, then in English, then in a third local language as per the autonomous country. In Gravenhurst Region, for instance, these announcements are made in Cantonese, then in English, and finally in French.

English is also the official script of the kingdom. The kingdom adopts the British variant of the language, with some minor differences.

History of UseEdit

Beginning in the 15th century, with the Multi-cultural Revolution, British colonists, among other European powers. With the establishing colony growing, the British colonists began introducing the English language in the kingdom. The British colonists also begin enforcing the language, by mandating its use within its administered colonies, and teaching it in school.

Places with a significant populationEdit

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Languages in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas

Official writing systems: Traditional ChineseEnglish

Official Languages
(mandated in all autonomous countries)

Cantonese standardcreole (63%) • English (22%)

Regional Languages
(mandated in some autonomous countries)

French (8%) • Japanese (3%) • Putonghua (3%) • Arabic (< 1%) • Esperanto (< 1%) • Russian (< 1%) • Uyghur (< 1%)

Unrecognized Languages
(not official, but with significant number of speakers)

Korean (< 1%) • Portuguese (< 1%) • Spanish (< 1%) • Vietnamese (< 1%) • Dutch (< 1%)

Percentages in brackets denote the total number of mother tongues (2010 est.) of the specified language.

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