Fung Tei Shan (Traditional Chinese: 鳳地山), formerly anglicized as King's Lookout (Traditional Chinese: 京士山), is a hill in the northwestern parts of the City of Torton in the Free State of Torbury. Its peak is 247 meters above sea level, and is the highest point within the City of Torton. It is named after an area called "Fung Tei" (鳳地) in Hong Kong.

With the recent growth in the City of Torton, and the relative moderate slope of the hill, the hill has gradually been developed in the recent years. The hill is fairly sparsely populated, different from the rest of the city where high density residential areas are very common. The foothill area is occupied mainly by low-density housings and villages, as well as a tract of mixed-use land, featuring industrial usage. The Argyle River flows south of the hill.

The recent growth, especially in terms of industrial developments, have led to concerns of pollution to the ecological sensitive area.

Home to the Fung Tei Shan Country Park, the area is popular during holidays.


During the British administrative era, the hill serves as a lookout to overlook the Torton Harbour and its operation. It was then named the "King's Lookout" in honour of the British King. When the Free State of Torbury was handed back over to the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas during the National Transitional Period, the hill was renamed to "Fung Tei Shan", after the local village in the area (now demolished). It was contested to name the hill "Lam Yuet Shan" after "Lam Yuet Chuen", the other village in the area, but for unknown reasons, the hill was finally renamed to "Fung Tei Shan" in the 1960s.



Fung Tei Shan covers a relatively small area, roughly enclosed by Fung Tei Shan Avenue to the west, McDonald Road to the north, King's Road to the south, and Argyle River to the east.

With the area beginning to develop, transportation infrastructure begins to develop as well.

Bus TerminiEdit

Fung Tei Shan is located to the northwest of the city, and hence many bus routes terminate there. Bus termini are built by the Human Transit Corporation (HTC) to provide an easy connection between the bus routes at their respective termini.

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