Route 72 "Caledonia"
GO Shuttle Service


1.1 km


GO Shuttle

Number of Branches



30 mins.



Caledonia GO Shuttle, internally numbered as Route 72, is a GO Shuttle that operates from Caledonia Multiplex Terminal to Caledonia Multiplex GO Station, which are separated by 0.9 km. Unlike other GO Shuttles, this shuttle is aimed at providing a connection leg between conventional transit routes from the bus terminal to intercity train services at the GO Station. The route is also offered as a complimentary service provided by GO Transit, as a result, no fare is being charged on this route.

Since there is a 0.9-km footbridge linking the bus terminal and the train station, this complimentary shuttle service is rarely used due to its low frequency. However, the route remains quite popular among the elderly and the handicapped since the footbridge connection is deemed inconvenient for them.


  • April 3, 2007. - With the footbridge put in use, frequency of the GO shuttle is adjusted for actual passenger demand.
  • July 15, 2002. - Launch of the Caledonia GO Shuttle, backed by popular demand and request from passengers to connect with the GO Station.

Fleet UsedEdit

Future DevelopmentsEdit

There are plans currently proposed to move the existing Caledonia Multiplex Terminal to the vacant land beside Caledonia Multiplex GO Station. Constructions were anticipated to start in 2011, however with the lack of funding, constructions still haven't yet to begin. It is expected that once the construction is over, and the new terminal is opened for public use, the GO Shuttle will no longer be necessary and may be discontinued.

An alternate option would be to extend the current alignment of the route to better serve the Caledonia and Celine Bridge communities, which lack a connection to the GO Station right now.


Since this is a complimentary service intended for connection between the terminal and the station, there are only two stops.

Destination SignEdit


Service FrequencyEdit

GO Transit Shuttle buses
3 (Downtown)64 (Guelph)72 (Caledonia)85 (Sydenham)120 (Outer Lydia)142 (Garneau) (Proposed)

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