Grande Île (English: Grand Island, or Shek Mun Island; Traditional Chinese: 石門島) is an island of the Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago. Originally named Shek Mun Island, the island was enlarged when the Old Watersauga—Randolph-Rebecca Link was constructed in the early 20th century across the Dawson River Delta. The island became the foundation of, and a large part (85% of the total landmass) of the Municipality of Land Link.


The island had adopted the French name charted by the French explorers in the 16th century. The French name, Grande Île, indicates that this is the larger of the two islands in the area, the other being Petite Île. Though historically, the island had a Chinese name completely unrelated to the size of the island. "Shek Mun" refers to the island as the rocky gate of the Dawson River.

The French name is the most prominent name now and the Chinese name is usually for colloquial use among local sinophones. The English name is often used by visitors outside of the city-state.


The island is originally 0.56 km² in size, but in order to accommodate for the construction of the fixed link between Old Watersauga and Randolph - Rebecca, the island was expanded by reclamation to its modern size of 1.1 km². It had only kept its natural shoreline in its northeast, where the Land Link Beach can be found.

Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago
Listing the islands from north to south

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