Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission
Commission des Parcs Régionaux de Gravenhurst



Subdivision of

Flag of ILN Parks Imaginary


1125 Highway 40, Caithness - Caledonia

Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GPRC), formerly as Gravenhurst Regional Park Committee, is a branch of the Environment Bureau of Gravenhurst (ENBGR) that administers the regional parks, conservation areas, and hiking trails in Gravenhurst Region. It works in conjunction with Parks Imaginary (PI), which manages national parks on the federal-level. Together, the two authorities manage 9 regional parks, 4 conservation areas, and several trails within the parks, totalling to about 5% of the region's area.

The branch was initially created in 1907 as a park management system for Charlesbourg Regional Park. Later as more regional parks are set up, a unified management bureau was sought to be created, to better manage and protect natural resources and natural heritage in the region. This later evolved into the "Gravenhurst Regional Park Committee", beginning on 1 January 1952. In 2005, to give the committee more authoritative power in the regional parks, an amendment bill was passed and the committee was renamed as the "Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission".

Today, the branch is seeking to protect more ecologically sensitive areas in the region, and more regional parks, conservation areas, and protected areas are planned in the branch's agenda.

Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GRPC) Facilities
Regional Parks: Bear LakeBrantCharlesbourgDolphin IslandGuelph GreenbeltLake KanataLake LydiaMount TopsityMuskoka LakePear Island
Conservation Areas: Ingrid FallsIntertwine RiverMeandersNiagaraRainwater
Hiking Trails: Cloud - Zephyr RiversEscarpmentHudson RiverMount ZephyrPlacentia

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