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Route 11 'Rachel Circle' is a historical bus route and no longer in operation.
The article is not up-to-date. It is kept in the exact condition as of December 2008 before the December 2008 Gravenhurst Transit Plan. Please take note of it, as it contains historical information, not current information.

This route number is now assigned to (no routes)

Route 11, also known as Rachel Circle, was a peak service route operated by Gravenhurst Regional Transit servicing Rachel Circle in Lethbridge, Gravenhurst. The route operated at a frequency of 30 to 60 minutes.


Route 11 originally was assigned to the Dixie route in Archemedes. However, Route 11 was discontinued due to low ridership. The actual route, however, was signed as Route 79A in Summer 2008. Route 11 was then assigned to Route 79A in Rachel Circle. The route was created to further serve the community of Lethbridge East, and the route acts an outreach route as Route 79.

The route was officially discontinued on January 1, 2009, making its last trip at 19:13 on December 31, 2008. The number 11 has not been re-assigned to other routes.

Fleet UsedEdit

  • GRT Middle Age 30' Single Decker (1980s Model)

Future DevelopmentsEdit

Route 11 serves as a testimonial to a potential "Lethbridge Local" Route.

Major StopsEdit

  • Lethbridge Shopping Mall (Platform 6)
  • Rachel Circle & Town Hall Drive

Destination SignsEdit

  • 11 Rachel Circle TO TOWN HALL
  • 11 Rachel Circle TO LETHBRIDGE TERM.

Route NotesEdit

This route operates Monday to Friday between approximately 6:15am-9:04am and 3:23pm-7:13pm only.

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