Guelph Greenbelt Regional Park
IUCN Category II (National Park)
Guelph Greenbelt
Overlooking Guelph Greenbelt Regional Park and the nearby Township of Guelph
LocationGravenhurst Region, Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
Nearest cityGuelph, Gravenhurst
Area165 km²
Visitors521,394 (in Apr 2008 - 2009)
Governing bodyGravenhurst Regional Park Committee (GRPC)
World Heritage SiteNo

Guelph Greenbelt Regional Park (Traditional Chinese: 貴湖綠色地帶區域公園; French: Le Parc Régional du Guelph Greenbelt) is a regional park located in the southwest part of the Township of Guelph in Gravenhurst Region in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Having been established in 2005, it is the first established regional park in the region. It covers about 165 squared kilometres. Its proximity to major urban centres of Archemedes and Lethbridge make it a popular vacation spot.

It is currently the only regional park near an urban centre with population 100,000 and above, where an organized campground is available.


In 2005, the Government of Gravenhurst decided to set up a new ministry of Parks Gravenhurst. Parks Gravenhurst is responsible to set up and manage regional parks across the region. The first park that was set up was the Guelph Greenbelt in 2005. The ministry is currently planning for starting up more regional parks across the region.


The park is located entirely within the Township of Guelph. Beginning in its southwest border near the intersection of Tributary Drive and Dixie Road, it follows the Archemedes River up north to the tributary, where the river splits up into three smaller creeks : Guelph River, Brant River, and Archemedes River. There is a 45 squared kilometres of campground in the tributary. The park then follows Archemedes further north, forming a 1 kilometre wide park on each side of the river, until reaching to the vast land between McCallister Avenue and Cawthra Road, and there forms the rest of the 100 squared kilometres campground and parkland.

Highway 2 travels through the park.

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