Hang Pin Tsuen

Station Type

Rural Train Station


Hang Pin Tsuen, Torbury Outback


Torbury City

Autonomous Country

Free State of Torbury

Operating Hours

0719 - 2126

Operating Train Lines

800 Torbury North-South Rail Link

Next Station

Sha Kai Tsuen (Northbound)
Pai Tau Tsuen (Southbound)

Operating HTC routes

15D, 29, 49A


22 April 2012

Hang Pin Tsuen Station (Traditional Chinese: 坑邊村站) is a mTrain station on the Human Transit Corporation route 800 train line, serving the Hang Pin Tsuen in the Torbury Outback area. The station is located in the northwestern portion in the City of Torbury in the Free State of Torbury.

Since route 800 only serves during the rush hours, the station serves as a bus terminus during off-peak hours. Regular train services are substituted with Route 49A (Wo Che Highway Corridor to Hang Pin).

The station is built as a minor rural station type of the mTrain system, and is capable of holding 448 waiting passengers.

The station was built in October 2011 as an approval of the route 800 extension to cater the exploding population in the Torbury Outback area. The station was opened on 22 April 2012.


Neighbouring StationsEdit

Southbound Hang Pin Tsuen
800 Torbury North-South Rail Link
Pai Tau Tsuen Sha Kai Tsuen
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  • Superscript denote branch route services. denote no main route service. Bold denote major interchange stations.

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