High Street Development

High rise developments along High Street.

High Street (French: rue High, Traditional Chinese: 高街) is a major thoroughfare in the Town of Caithness - Caledonia in Gravenhurst Region. It serves as a bypass to a section of the busy Main Street Caledonia from the Valley Access to Tangent Line.

Constructed in 2007, the road forms a backbone to the community of Caledonia Multiplex. It is completed with four lanes of road, both directions, and a major connector between the industrial estate in the community, and the newly developed high-density condos.

The street has been marked as one of the strategic area of growth in the town, where high-density condos have sprung up along the portion north of Highway 40.

Located above the Isaac Newton Escarpment, the street is also known to offer spectacular view of the cityscape to the town centre district below. This is also one of the reason for the high prices of condos along the street.

In 2010, as the condos begin occupancy and due to high demand from the industrial estate in the Caledonia Multiplex area, Gravenhurst Regional Transit begins to offer a new route 58 that services the corridor during rush hours, with connections to the Caledonia Multiplex Terminal.

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