Highway 100
Maintained by Mapleview Metropolitan Public Works
Length: 17.3 km (11 mi)
Formed: 1987
South end: 20px Hwy 505Mapleview
North end: McNaughton Line
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Mapleview
Lacroix - Lansing

Highway 100 (Traditional Chinese: 100號國道) is a 4-lane controlled access freeway, running north-south between Highway 505 and McNaughton Line in the Mapleview Census Metropolitan Area. Like a regional road, it is metropolitan-area funded, but it is at an expressway standard. Highway 100 is in the process of being upgraded to a regionally-funded 500-series expressway. It is proposed to be renamed as "Highway 500" in the future.


Future ProspectsEdit

Lane ConfigurationEdit

Public TransitEdit

Exit NumbersEdit

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