Highway 1A RR 61
Regional Highway 1A
Regional Road 61
Oppel Street
Maintained by Transport Gravenhurst
Length: 2.8 km (2 mi)
Formed: 1991
East end: Hwy 1 Hwy 510 Hwy 1 / Hwy 510Oppel
West end: RegRd 47 County Rd 47Oppel
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Airborn

Highway 1A (Traditional Chinese: 國道1號甲) is a spur route of Highway 1 that spans only about 3 km in Airborn - Oppel, and is one of the shortest highway in Gravenhurst Region. The highway begins where Highway 1 ends at its intersection with Highway 510, and ends in Downtown Oppel Beach, at the intersection of Highway 1A and County Road 47.

Highway 1A is locally known as Oppel Street. In addition, the highway was partially downloaded to the metropolitan area government in 2000. This means a quarter of the road fund of this highway is funded by the Metropolitan Area of Lisi, and the rest is funded by Gravenhurst Region. With the download, the highway was also signed as Regional Road 61 (Traditional Chinese: 州61線).

The annual average daily traffic (AADT) of the entire highway is at 10,238 as of 2008.


Future ProspectEdit

Lane ConfigurationEdit

The highway is 2 lane per direction throughout the entire route. The highway is divided with a centre lane.

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