Hiryiam, formerly spelled as Hiriam (Traditional Chinese: 西貢), is a community in the Town of Caithness - Caledonia in Gravenhurst Region of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, approximately 7 km northeast of Caledonia Town Centre and 31 km south of North Caledonia.

Originally named Sai Kung, a romanization of its Chinese name, the community was established in 1904 as an agricultural-based community (which remains to be so even today). In the 1920s, a road link between Caledonia Centre and Sussex was planned and built by a British regional councilor, Hiram K. Potts. The roadway, which became the current alignment of Highway 509, was named "Hiram K. Potts Highway". The highway travels through Sai Kung, and Sai Kung became a service town on the highway. In 1931, Sai Kung changed its name to "Hiram" to better reflect its service town nature.

It was not known how the name "Hiram" evolved into "Hiriam" and then to the modern name of "Hiryiam". However, "Hiryiam" is used on most road signs.

Today, Highway 509 generally bypasses the community, so Hiryiam is no longer a service town, but more of an agricultural-based community.

The community features a short stub of the past Hiram K. Potts Highway, and is connected to the rest of Caithness - Caledonia through Tangent Line. The service hub of the community is provided through the local post office, at 1011 Hiram K. Potts Highway.

It is estimated the community is home to about 500 residents, making it one of the lesser populated communities in the Town of Caithness - Caledonia.


Highway 509 features an exit on Tangent Line for access to the community. Gravenhurst Regional Transit route 137 'Caledonia' also provides conventional bus services to the locale. In addition, Hiryiam GO Station located on the Texas Corridor Line provides frequent train services for regional travelling purposes.

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