Sepulchral - Springfield Train Service


Commuter Rail - Heavy
(Standard gauge - 1435 mm)

System / Operated by

Human Transit Corporation (HTC)


Free State of Torbury
Sepulchral City

# of stations



December 22, 2011

Line length

23.1 km

Yearly Ridership

3,054,835 (2013)

Sepulchral - Springfield Train Service (Traditional Chinese: 陰澳至春田鐵路服務, abbreviated as 澳田綫), numbered as Route 805, is a train service operated by the Human Transit Corporation (HTC) between Sepulchral City Centre Terminal and Oldmouth mTrain Station.

Route 805 is the shortest rail link in the entire mTrain system.


As part of the Strategic Torbury Intercity Rail Network 2000 plan, it is advised that a second rail link should be constructed to connect Sepulchral City and Torton. It is in anticipation that the existing Human Transit Corporation route 804 'Torton - Sepulchral Train Service' will be at capacity by the year 2017. This second rail link was temporarily named the Sepulchral Southern Link (Traditional Chinese: 陰澳南環綫) in the plan.

In 2006, advisors from the Strategic Rail Board (SRB) under the Ministry of Transportation of Torbury (MTT) has came up with a preliminary routing for the southern link. In the plan, the new route is proposed to serve the communities exceeding population of 1,000 south of Sepulchral City, including Oldmouth and Springfield. In conjunction with the routing, a new terminal is also expected to be built in Torton South.

In 2008, the Human Transit Corporation has won the bid to construct the rail link. Constructions of the rail link started in January 2009, but midway in the construction, Human Transit Corporation announced it has hired an advising company. The company has suggested to defer the link between Springfield and Torton by 2016.

By January 2011, the rail construction (only single track) has largely completed. One locomotive was purchased and arrived in the garage by April 2011. In the summer of 2011, the Human Transit Corporation continued to implement signal and railway testing. Alongside with the railway testing, double tracking constructions have been continuing throughout 2011.

On 22 December 2011, railway service has been officially launched between Sepulchral City and Springfield, taking the number designation of 805, and officially named Sepulchral - Springfield Train Service.

In 2012, double tracking constructions have been largely completed. On 8 November 2012, full-day both-way services have been implemented, and an additional set of locomotive is purchased to improve services.

Effective 11 April 2014, services between Oldmouth and Springfield has been discontinued due to low ridership. The Human Transit Corporation (HTC) has been replaced the service with a bus shuttle service between Oldmouth and Springfield. HTC has not ruled out to reinstate services in the near future. The route name will also not change.

Future expansionEdit

As part of the bid to constructing and operating the railway, HTC will need to extend the rail service to Torton by the year 2017. It is anticipated HTC will reinstate services to Springfield in the near future, as well as extending services to service Torwick, Heppborough, and Torton City Centre.


As with other mTrain routes, Route 805's fare is calculated based on distance travelled.


km English Name Chinese Name Municipality Connection(s)
(as of Apr 2014)
Service began Service ended
Route 805 — Sepulchral - Springfield Train Service
0.0 Sepulchral City Centre Terminal
(colloquially Sepulchral City)
(colloquially 陰澳)
Sepulchral City mTrain: 802/802A, 807/807A
ssPREss: Mainline
Bullet Train: Sepulchral Express
HTC: 401, 402, 404A, 408/408E, 416A/B/C, 423, 430
Air Service: 90005 (Torbury), 90009 (Torton), 90010 (Bay City)
22 December 2011
23.1 Oldmouth 老咀 Oldmouth HTC: 416/416B, 425 22 December 2011
34.6 Springfield 春田 Springfield HTC: 413 22 December 2011 11 April 2014
(service may be reinstated in 2017)
61.0 Torwick 多域 Torwick 2017 (expected)
80.8 Heppborough 合堡 Heppborough 2017 (expected)
106.2 Torton South 多頓(南) Torton 2017 (expected)
119.7 Torton Centre 多頓名都匯 2017 (expected)

HTC mTrain stations
[800] - Torbury N-S
Sha Kai TsuenHang Pin TsuenPai Tau TsuenHilldenMountchesterPinedenMezzoTorbury Centre
[801] - Hwy 2 Corridor
Torbury CentreTorbury IntercityChurchillWaldenRoyal Plains CentreHeppwickAppleby
[802] Torbury - Bay City
Torbury IntercityKing CityASiu Ho WanAHeppwellASepulchral CityABay CityA
[803] Hwy 12 Corridor
Royal PlainsMallichesterMallisteadNewborough Ferry TerminalRenfield
[804] Torton - Sepulchral
TortonMetro BeachesSepulchral CityBay CityWallockHepptonTorton
[805] Sepulchral - Springfield
Sepulchral CityOldmouthSpringfieldTorwickHeppboroughTorton SouthTorton
[806] Hwy 41 Corridor
Bay CityBrentdenBaringcrossPinetonHillchester
[807] Pine Valley Corridor
Sepulchral CityARenwellAPinelockAPine Valley CreekA, BPollingden - NewmouthWalmouthBrentchesterSpringwell†, BBaringden†, B
[808] Sepulchral - Newborough
NewboroughNewwellPinecrossMetro BeachesSepulchral City
[809] Torton - Renfield
[810] First Line Cities
TorburyKing CityPinecrossTorton
  • Superscript denote branch route services. denote no main route service. Bold denote major interchange stations.

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