Intercity Blvd
Intercity Blvd Borden

Intercity Boulevard (French: Chemin Intercity) is a collector road spanning between Gravenhurst Regional Road 56 (Essa Street East) and Gravenhurst Regional Road 13 (Willowdale Avenue North) in the Cities of Archemedes and Borden.

The road was constructed in 1901, and was completed on January 1, 1902. First named as Heritage Road (or Rue Heritage), the road was constructed to celebrate Borden's amalgamtion back into Gravenhurst Region. It celebrated the history of the City of Borden. Along the 4-km road, posts are placed, informing the public about this history.

In 1902, the road carried many migrants back into Borden, whom escaped into Gravenhurst Region (particularly Archemedes) during the city's independence movement. The 2002 movie Celebrating Unity was filmed here. In 2002, a special historic ceremony was also performed here, to mark the 100-year anniversary as the city merged back into Gravenhurst Region. The road was also renamed Intercity the same year, suggesting that both cities form one single metropolitan area, but the cities have different heritage values.

There were plans to construct the Borden Soverignty Museum on the road, but was later cancelled due to unavailabilty of land along the road. The museum was later decided to be built at the intersection of Highway 11 (London Line) and City Line Road, which was the only linkage between the separated city and the regional municipality in the late 1800s. The site features a historical, one-lane traffic, border crossing booth.

Much of the road has been used for residential purposes, some where condos were built upon. The road went through a widening construction in late 2003, where the road is expanded to four lanes wide by the end of 2004.

The road is serviced by GRT route 52.