Disambig For GO Station with the same name, see Jones GO Station.

Jones Vivastation

Jones Vivastation as seen from Roberts Avenue.

Jones Vivastation

Station Type





Korean Town

Operating Hours

Viva Pink
0528 - 0109
Viva Green
0615 - 0952; 1559 - 1921

Operating Lines

Viva Pink
Viva Green

Next Station

Viva Pink
Tersion Vivastation (Northbound)
Marton Vivastation (Southbound)
Viva Green
Kim Vivastation (Westbound)
McFadgen Vivastation (Eastbound)

GRT Connections

GRT Route 114 (Bus Stop # 16\223)

GO Transit Connections

McAssure Line (via Jones GO Station)

Multi-Ride Machines

Proposed to have one by 2013


July 1, 1997 (Viva Pink)
February 14, 2010 (Viva Green)

Jones is a Vivastation on the Viva Pink and Viva Green lines in Vandehogan, Gravenhurst. The station is located at the intersection of Kathryn Gate and Tersion Line. The station primarily serves the residential community of Tersion and Korea Town. The Vivastation is named after a connected GO Transit station, Jones GO Station.

Jones Vivastation is connected to Jones GO Station on the McAssure Corridor Line, and GRT Route 114.

Opened in 1997, the station is one of the first built station in the Viva system, and had served Viva Pink solely until 2010. In 2010, with the opening of Viva Green, the station began serving the line as well.

As connected to Jones GO Station, the northern terminus of McAssure Line, and the strategic location of the station being on the fringe of residential and industrial developments, this station is one of the busiest in the system.

Platforms LayoutEdit

  • Platform 1 - Viva Pink Northbound, Viva Green eastbound (rush hours only)
  • Platform 2 - Viva Pink Southbound, Viva Green westbound (rush hours only)

Exits LayoutEdit

Viva Bus Rapid Transit Stations
Viva Blue
Parkette VillageYongeMarkhamVandehoganLu BurkeMatthewMaverickGatewayMayos
Viva Pink
TersionJonesMartonVandehoganLu BurkeMeadows ValleyAirport
Viva Green
VandehoganKimJonesMcFadgenRobertAdrianDaniel ParkwayMaverickGatewayMayos

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