Kenayskaya (Traditional Chinese: 堅尼斯加雅, 2000 Census est. pop. 285) is a settlement on the delta islands of the Kenayskaya River at the Pacific Ocean, in the eastern parts of Midway Special Region.

Kenayskaya is currently a company town with its economy entirely relying on oil extraction and export worldwide and kingdom-wide. Kenayskaya is in a period of rapid growth due to the recent expansions in the oil refining industries, which is projected to hire over 9,400 employees by 2016.




The company town lies on the flat plains of the Kenayskaya Delta, with its land formed mostly by clay deposits. The land is largely barren with a lack of flora due to the subarctic climate.


Kenayskaya has a continental subarctic climate (Dfc) as classified by the Köppen climate classification, with very cold winters and a mild summer.






The two-laned Kenayskaya Highway is the primary and the only road access to the company town. Passenger and freight rail services are proposed to be introduced by 2016.

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Major Settlements in Midway Special Region
Capital city: Woods Bay

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