King Wang Island (Traditional Chinese: 景宏島) is an island part of the Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago, located in the Municipality of Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha in extreme southern City-State of Watersauga in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. The island is about 1 km north of Tai Ping Island. The island is 38 ha (0.38 km²) in size.

The island is uninhabited and is occupied by the Armed Forces of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. The island is home to the NAFB South Watersauga (sometimes known as NAFB King Wang), armed with 327 troops, and a missile range to protect the South Watersauga Sea.

The island is off-limits to public access, and is considered as a Closed Area, except for designated open days. Entry to the island is subject to a permit.


Chartered ferry services are available, as there is a ferry pier located on the island.

Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago
Listing the islands from north to south

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