Konuberts Drive, sometimes romanized as Hong Yu Fung Path (Traditional Chinese: 康如楓徑), is a major urban thoroughfare in the Town of Hillchester of the Bay-Do in the Free State of Torbury.

With the rapid growth of population in the Hillchester area, the former rural road has now transformed into an urban thoroughfare. It generally forms the northern boundary of the urban area of the town, and is four-lanes for its entire length. Human Transit Corporation route 321 'Konuberts Drive' uses a majority of the road, and is one of the most popular routes in the free state.

The road is proposed to be extended 5.8 km to the west, with an elevation change of 250 m in this distance, to connect the town with the Hilltop Oilfield located at the summit of the Green Bay Highlands. The constructions has been planned to start in mid-2013, proposed to be completed by 2014.

Chinese nameEdit

The road has been known as Konuberts Drive in English ever since the road was constructed, which is named after the Konubert's Family Farm off the road (now Konuberts Monument). The Chinese transliteration has always been 康諾拔道. Beginning in January 2013, in recognition of a citizen and a worker of the local charity foundation Yan Ming Federation, the Chinese name has been renamed as 康如楓徑 (Hong Yu Fung Path). However, the official English name remains to be Konuberts Drive.

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