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15,030 km²


Carbon, Oxygen, Lisi, Claireville, Hydrogen

Lake Haldimond




Lac Haldimond


Озеро Лай Пик

Lake Haldimond (Traditional Chinese: 麗碧湖; French: Lac Haldimond), formerly romanised from its Chinese name as Lai Pik Lake, is a major lake in central-western Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. While most of the lake is located within the boundaries of the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst and Pickering County, the lake acts as a border between Pickering County, Gravenhurst Region and Periodic Region.

Lake Haldimond is a glacial lake, in which the retreating glacier from the last ice age had eroded the land significantly to form a large valley in the area. The area eventually was filled with water, and became today's Lake Haldimond.

The lake has a total surface area of 15,030 km², making it the 17th largest lake in the world. The lake usually does not freeze completely, and typically 75-85% ice covered during the peak of winter. The lake typically remains navigable between mid-March and early-December.

Urban areas form in the northwest and the southeast shores of the lake. Other parts of the shoreline is largely rural. The lake's north shore include the City of Lisi of Gravenhurst Region, and Claireville of Pickering County. The south shore include parts of rural Gravenhurst Region and the Hydrogen - Helium Conurbation in Periodic Region. Carbon is the largest city on the shores of the lake;

The lake acts as a major economy source of Gravenhurst Region. It is an effective shipping and transportation hub for Gravenhurst Region. Much of the manufactured products in Gravenhurst Region is exported worldwide through Lisi Seaport, which is located on the northwest shore of the lake.

Gravenhurst Region's water supply also originate from this lake. Ng River and Archemedes River flow into the lake. The water in the lake subsequently outflows to the Pacific Ocean, via the kingdom's longest river, Dawson River.

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