Lake Kanata Regional Park
IUCN Category IV (Habitat/Species Management Area)
Lake Kanata
Eastern shores of Lake Kanata
LocationGravenhurst Region
Nearest cityManhatten
Area45.2 km²
Established1 August 2006
Visitors171,990 (in Apr 2008 - 2009)
Governing bodyGravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GRPC)

Lake Kanata Regional Park (Traditional Chinese: 卡納達區域公園; French: Parc Régional du Lac-Kanata) is a regional park that occupies much of the western parts of the City of Manhatten, in central Gravenhurst Region in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. The area is ecologically sensitive, in which the Manhatten Creek, Kanata River, Lloydminster River, and Puffleton Creek meet together in the Kanata Valley, forming Lake Kanata.

As the name suggests, the Regional Park surrounds the Lake Kanata and its immediate tributaries.


In 2005, the Regional Government announced a $8.4-million plan to improve natural infrastructure, including expanding the nature reserves in the region, and creating regional parks. Staff has identified the former municipally-operated Lake Kanata Park as an area with a high ecological value.

Effective 1 August, 2006, the regional government has overtaken ownership and management of the park, under the regulation of the Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GPRC). The initial area of the park included a small area around the eastern side of Lake Kanata, north of Guelph Line.

In 2010, actions were taken to enlarge the park's size north of Pedder Parkway.

In late-2013, the GPRC announced to invest an additional $1.1-million to expand the park's current area, as well as upgrading and expanding existing infrastructure. This included creating a new visitors' information centre and an enlarged parking lot for RV vehicles off Roberval Drive. The GPRC also expanded the park's area to south of Calgary Avenue, covering an additional part of the catchment area of Lloydminster River. As of August 2014, these facilities have largely been completed.

Future ProspectsEdit

In June 2014, the municipal government of Manhatten has passed a bill to prohibit excessive developments west of Kanata Avenue. It is believed that this motion is to pave the way for future extension of the park. If the park were to enlarge further east of Kanata Avenue, the former hamlet of Kanata will form an urban enclave within the park. However, this speculation has yet to be confirmed by government officials.

The GPRC is also investigating to build a skyway lookout on Kanata Bridge.

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