Lake Lydia Regional Park
IUCN Category II (National Park)
Lake Lydia
Lake Lydia viewed from the Lydia Highlands, just south of the Koon Community
LocationGravenhurst Region
Nearest cityLydia
Visitors291,190 (in Apr 2008 - 2009)
Governing bodyGravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GRPC)
Parks Imaginary (PI)

Lake Lydia Regional Park (Traditional Chinese: 殿霞湖區域公園; French: Parc Régional du Lac Lydia) is a regional park located just minutes east of Lydia Centre (Downtown Lydia) in Gravenhurst Region. The park is co-governed by the regional government, as well as the national government, and therefore, each governing body is responsible for half of the funding for the park. The park is the only park in the nation which is co-governed. The park covered 18.79 km squared with its establishment in 1997, bounded north by Anderson Avenue, west by Adam Cheng Parkway, east by Ella Avenue, south by Lydia Shum Din-Ha Parkway.

In 2011, the parliament of Gravenhurst Region and the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas approved the expansion of the regional park. The extension tripled the size of the original park, with the park covering almost all of the northeast quadrant of the City of Lydia (with exception to the Koon Community, which is a planned subdivision under constructions already). The current park size is 58.24 km², and has various campgrounds available for visitors.

The park also serves as a conservation area for the Lydia Highlands, and with the establishment to cover most of the highlands, housing development is prohibited. The Koon Community was an exception since construction was under way already before being included in the regional park area.

There are also future plans of extending the park northward to cover a large portion of southern Borden.

There is also one lookout, picnic, and rest stop off Lydia Shum-Din Ha Parkway.

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