Lisi - Wellington Townline is a rural road that straddles the City of Lisi and the Town of Wellington in Gravenhurst Region.

The road is laid along the town limits of Lisi as surveyed in 1840. The road is largely unpaved, and forms in two sections owing to a lack of bridge crossing across the Peace River.

The current Peace River Expressway ends at the Lisi - Wellington Townline at an all-way stop intersection. The poor design and the abrupt terminus of the expressway often cause many accidents and unusual traffic congestion on the rural road during rush hours. The problem is not expected to be solved until Highway 510 (the northward extension of the Peace River Expressway) is completed, as the Lisi Municipal Government do not see the need to expand the current rural road. However, anticipated future urban sprawl of the Lisi Census Metropolitan Area may warrant an expansion of the road, according to officials.

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