Mapleview Transit operates various bus routes within the City of Mapleview and its surrounding areas. The following is a list of bus routes operating as part of the system.

Rapid TransitEdit

Main article: Mapleview Transit Rapid Transit

Full Time routesEdit

South Town Terminal < > North Town Terminal via Berenstain Avenue
South Town Terminal < > North Town Terminal via Highway 11 / Monarch Avenue
Wayside MT Station < > Monarch Avenue
South Town Terminal < > Wayside MT Station via Vincent Road / Wayside Avenue
Railside Lane < > Sobeys Centre Terminal
Jameson Village < > Downtown MT Station
Victoria Park Avenue < > Louisiana Parkway
Downtown MT Station < > Monarch Avenue
North Town Terminal < > Sobeys Centre Terminal
Dovercourt GO Station < > Caledonia Multiplex Terminal

Peak Hours RouteEdit

South Town Terminal < > Lacroix Town Centre
South Town Terminal < > Nouveau-ville via Concide Line
- Limited Service to Sobeys Centre Terminal
Downtown MT Station < > South Town Terminal
Sobeys Centre Terminal < > Railside Lane via 13th Avenue West
South Town Terminal < > Monarch Avenue
North Town Terminal < > Highway 22
Victoria Park MT Station < > Old Highway 1 < > Wayside MT Station
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