The table below lists the all the municipalities in the Province of Watersauga.

(English name)
(Chinese name)
Type Corridor (Sector) Population (Jun. 2015)
Angus Glen 安格斯郡 Town QE 52,349
Aylmer 愛爾馬 Township / Canton DR (SF) 14,887
Bas-Orléans 下奧爾良 Township / Canton PR (SF) 772
Breakwater 防波堤 Township QE 282
Carolina Mountains 嘉路里山 Township QE 607
Carrville 嘉爾維 Township HO 439
Commercium Bay South 南商灣 Town HO 711
Credit Bay 譽港灣 Town PR 5,370
Dixie North 北迪斯 Township QE 466
Dixie South 南迪斯 Town QE 20,668
Elgin Mills 愛勤 City HO / DR 101,752
Fish Island 釣魚台 Township QE 442
Hokoe 學高而 Township TF 1,274
Kei Leng Ha 企嶺下 Township TF 66
King City East 東皇帝市 Town DR 1,770
King City 皇帝市 City DR / TF 67,792
Lachute 拿雪 Township / Canton PR (SF) 104
Land Link 石門 Township QE 851
Laskay 拿思崎 Township TF 4,014
Les-Montagnes-de-Laurier 羅威爾山 Township / Canton HO (SF) 37
Lloydminster 勞明斯特 Town PR 684
MacKenzie Ridges 麥建時嶺 Outpost HO 0
New Nepean 新尼泊仁 Town PO 2,088
Nobleton Village 老寶墩 Town DR 667
Northeast Macky 東北馬崎 Township TF 1,082
Oakville North 橡北 Town TF 2,883
Oakville South 橡南 Town QE / TF 1,609
Old Watersauga 沙灣城 City HO / QE 381,078
Ottawa - Gatineau 渥太華-加田努 City / Ville DR / PR
Perth 帕斯 Town PR 2,426
Pontiac 龐鐵鄂 Town / Ville PR (SF) 3,131
Port Credit Centre 譽港城 City QE / PR 115,191
Port Credit South 譽港南 Town PR 33,881
Port-Crédit-sur-la-Prairie 譽港草原 Town / Ville PR (SF) 30,596
Port Run 第一港 Crown colony Principalities 204,328* (2014 figure)
Portas do Cerco 關閘 Concelho QE 12,370
Randolph - Rebecca 華鐸及利柏加 United Town QE / TF 77,185
Rexdale 黎士竇 Town HO 11,934
Richmond Hill North 北烈治文山 Township QE 416
Richmond Hill South 南烈治文山 Town QE 8,113
Sainte-Jeanne-des-Carolines 嘉路里山聖珍妮 Township / Canton QE (SF) 236
Sainte-Virginie 聖維珍妮 Township / Canton DR (SF) 680
Sossegado 索斯加都 Township / Concelho QE 130
Stittsville 史蝶市 Township DR 393
Teston 緹絲頓 Town DR 611
Trafalgar North 北查埠嘉 Township TF 269
Trafalgar Village 查埠嘉 Town QE / TF 16,195
Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha 曾母暗沙 Township HO 710
Tung Lung Islands 東龍島 Township QE 251
Valleyfield—Coteaux-des-Rivières 穀田 Municipality / Municipalité DR (SF) 13,264
Winston Churchill 溫士頓山 Township PR 1,677
Watersauga Total Including Port Run 1,400,853

Municipalities in the Province of Watersauga
Capital city: Ottawa - Gatineau

(1) - Hurontario Corridor

Tsang-Mo-Um-ShaOld WatersaugaRexdaleCommercium Bay SouthMacKenzie RidgesCarrvilleElgin Mills

(2) - Queen Elizabeth Corridor

Oakville NorthOakville SouthTrafalgar VillageRandolph - RebeccaLand LinkBreakwaterOld WatersaugaAngus GlenRichmond Hill SouthRichmond Hill NorthCaroline MountainsPort CreditDixie SouthPortas do Cerco

(3) - Dawson River Valley Corridor

ChelseaSainte-VirginieAylmerStittsvilleOttawa - GatineauKingstonElgin MillsTestonNobletonKing CityEast King City

(4) - Prairies Corridor

Port Credit SouthCredit BayPort CreditPort-Crédit-sur-la-PrairieLloydminsterWinston ChurchillPerthNepéanOttawa - GatineauPontiacOrléansMontagne de Laurier

(5) - Trafalgar Corridor

Randolph - RebeccaNortheast MackyHokoeTrafalgar NorthKing City

(6) - Royal Watersauga Crown Colony

Port RunKu Sze Yiu Bay

List of municipalities in the Wiki Nicholasland by Administrative Divisions

Autonomous Countries


Special Regions


Dependencies (and Suzerains)

Greater Archiloft (Cosmoplay) • Port Run (Watersauga)

* Note: Administrative divisions with no municipalities (kingdom-direct controlled territories and some dependencies) are not listed.

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