Manhatten Ring Road
Manhatten Expressway (formerly)
Highway 10B
Maintained by Transport Gravenhurst
Formed: 2013
South end: Highway 519Manhatten
Beltway around Manhatten
Hwy 10 York St SManhatten

Guelph LineManhatten
Hwy 10 York St NManhatten

North end: Highway 519Manhatten
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Manhatten

Manhatten Ring Road (Traditional Chinese: 曼克頓環迴公路), formerly known as the Manhatten Expressway or the Manhatten Inner Ring Expressway in its planning stages, is an at-grade highway in the City of Manhatten in the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. It is officially designated as Highway 10B, or "Highway 10 Business Route" by the Gravenhurst Government, and thus the maintenance and construction of the road is funded by the regional government. The number designation applies for the portion between York St S and York St N. Though officially assigned a number, the highway is rarely referred by its number designation. Originally planned to be an expressway, the ring road is graded and landscaped similarly to a freeway, with broad flat shoulders and an open median.

The Manhatten Ring Road forms a ring expressway type of roadway on the eastern edge of the city's urban limits. The western edge of the ring is composed by the existing stretch of Highway 519. Originally planned to be a full-fledge expressway in the mid-2000s due to the rapid growth of the Manhatten Census Agglomeration, the construction was never began until 2010. In 2010, the Gravenhurst government decided to downgrade the scale of the project. Manhatten Ring Road was then proceeded to be built as a 4-laned at-grade highway, with land reserved for future expansion into a full-fledge expressway.


Manhatten Ring Road

Manhatten Ring Road looking north, just north of Calgary Av E. Note its special characteristics of a wide median.

In the late 1990s, with the discovery of petroleum near the Manhatten Creek, the then-Town of Manhatten-Kanata-Iranquay began booming. A rapid expansion in the urban core has caused traffic problems in and around town, and with population expected to grow steadily, an ambitious highway plan was proposed. Originally, two ring roads was proposed to be built around the proposed urban area. In the mid-2000s, with the environment concern groups putting a halt in further extraction of petroleum, the urban growth in Manhatten halted and declined. As such, the plan of a second ring road was put on hold indefinitely, and the plan of a first "inner" ring road was downgraded from an expressway to an at-grade expressway.

Constructions began in 2010, with some improvements to intersections made. The entire length of the ring road was open to traffic on 1 November 2013, alongside with the extension of Highway 519 to form a complete ring road around Manhatten's urban core. However, from observation, usage of the ring road is currently very low.

Future ProspectsEdit

Shall the population of Manhatten continue to grow, it may prompt the upgrade into a full-scale 6-laned expressway along its entire length. Room has been reserved for such future expansion. The speed limit for the entire length is 80 km/h.

Lane ConfigurationEdit

The entire highway along its entire length is two-laned, both directions.

Exit NumberEdit

From south to north:

Exit Number (Northbound) Exit Number (Southbound) Destination Serving
1 10 Highway 519 Borden
Medicine Hat
Concord County
2 9 York St S Lloydminister
3 8 Wyndford Dr S
4 7 Calgary Av E
5 6 Guelph Line
Prospect Av N
Downtown Manhatten
6 5 Pedder Parkway
7 4 Wyndford Dr N
8 3 York St N Iranquay
9 2 Conestoga Parkway Fergus West
10 1 Highway 519 Borden
Medicine Hat
Concord County
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